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I used to loathe the term "investment." It can come across as pretentious or presumptuous when that's the absolute last thing I want our work to be. However, over the last thirteen years I'm constantly told by our couples, their families, and their friends that their films have only appreciated in personal value as time has passed.

So much of the wedding day is a fleeting experience that goes by exceptionally fast. Having our films to return to - to be able to hear the vows, watch the first dance, and enjoy the toasts of family and friends - is something that they cherish.

Our work appreciates in a way that is difficult to describe in any other way but a true investment in celebrating the most important day of your life.

We have a very limited number of remaining openings for 2023. 2024 is officially open for booking.

Feel free to call or text with any questions.

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