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Michelle + Josh

A busy November for us started off in New Orleans as we enjoyed capturing the beautiful wedding of Michelle and Josh.

The wedding took place on one of the nicest days of the year at St. Francis of Assisi Church ( The sun strewn shined through the stained glass of the church and provided an absolutely stunning setting for the ceremony. There were lots of fun moments throughout that were highlighted by some great musical performances throughout.

Once the bride and groom exchanged vows and rings, the party headed a few miles away to the Audubon Tea Room ( The bridal party took a few photos in the zoo before secondlining into the venue for the reception. There was plenty of dancing as The Stooges Brass Band ( put on an amazing show. As the day came to a close, the bride changed dresses and hopped into the waiting car with her husband to finish the whirlwind day.

Special thanks to the always great Holly Everret ( for being a real pleasure to capture the day with.

Congrats Michelle & Josh!

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