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Tori + Hank

Wow, what a trip we had to Natchez back in December! Though the clouds rolled in early and rain came down late, nothing could stop the wedding of Tori and Hank from being a success.

Sometimes covering weddings can be a logistical nightmare. Don't get us wrong, we're always willing to travel around a city to get the prep, ceremony, and reception but it's a nice day when everything is located in one place. For Tori and Hank the prep, ceremony and reception all occurred at the stunningly beautiful Monmouth Plantation ( The vast grounds of the plantation served as the perfect backdrop for the day whether we were capturing the bride and groom in those intimate moments prior to the ceremony or amongst their friends and family at the reception.

Scratch ( provided the rocking sound track to the evening that kept the dance floor filled and smiles wide throughout the night.

Special thanks to Nicole Kossum ( and her crew for being a real pleasure to work with in capturing the day.

Congrats Tori and Hank!

Song licensed at the Music Bed.

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