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Megan | John

We're pumped to share our newest wedding trailer from Baton Rouge with you today.What a pleasure it was to share in Megan and John's big day with them. Both the bride and groom got ready with their parties at the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center before heading to St. James Episcopal for their wedding ceremony.

The love between both of them really shined through in the video, even in the moments where they weren't even in the same room with each other (check out the anticipation as both of them get ready).Once the ceremony was finished it was back to the Hilton for a great reception featuring The Phunky Monkeys.

My favorite moment was definitely the look on John's face when Megan was lifted up on the guests' shoulders to join him in the air.

Congratulations again to Megan and John on a beautiful, memorable wedding!

Photography - Kim Ashford

Coordinator - Debby Musso

Make-up - Amber Buxton

Hair - Lindsey Honore

Florist - Billy Heromans

Music licensed at

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