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"We know that rain is a sign of God's blessings on us so Scott and Sarah are immensely blessed today; and we know that they will be immensely blessed in their marriage together as husband and wife."

Father's words that you'll hear about midway through their film could not be any truer. A powerful, wet storm that occurred right before Mass could not dampen the spirit or enjoyment that Scott and Sarah shared with their guests and one another on their wedding day. Instead, I think that the weather issues really served to highlight how perfect these two are for one another. You can see in the film that even though some logistics had to be changed and decorations moved, there was no effect on the laughter, dancing, and love of everyone in attendance.

I hope that as you watch this film you're able to see the special moments that I witnessed not only from behind the camera but again and again in the editing bay. From Sarah catching herself in the mirror with her wedding make-up to Scott helping Conner get dressed with his bow-tie. There's the moment where Scott sees his bride for their intimate first look, and their emotions can barely be contained. Then there's that glimpse from Sarah as her groom finishes saying his vows to her. Or that final moment of the day where husband, wife, and son watch as the sky lanterns take flight.

This film is a collection of these beautiful moments that will hopefully remind all in attendance and show to those who missed out of the love joined together on that day.

As I conclude my reflection, I am reminded of the research I did regarding the release of those sky lanterns prior to filming. My internet searches revealed that the release of the lanterns into the sky represent "the releasing of one's deepest fears and desires." It's a symbolic cleansing of the individual but also a new beginning with the lit fire "illuminating the path of knowledge and righteousness." How appropriate, then, that we see Sarah, Scott, and Conner join together to release their single lantern into the air as they embark on their new journey together.

Plus it looks pretty cool too.

Congratulations again to Sarah & Scott (& Conner)! May their fears remain quelled and their path together be forever well-lit.

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