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Lindsey | Levi - Traveling All Over New Orleans for a Gorgeous, Fun Wedding Weekend.

I want to give fair warning to everyone who has us film their rehearsal dinner. If one of your guests quotes The Princess Bride, in his or her speech, we're going to use it in your flashback film. And with that brief movie memory, our beautiful New Orleans wedding weekend began.

The wedding weekend of Lindsey and Levi was absolutely awesome. We were invited to join them the night before the big day at Broussard's Restaurant & Courtyard in the heart of the French Quarter and were really pleased to learn more about how they met and see the love that their friends and family have for them.

It's hard behind the camera sometimes because we're focused on telling the story without interjecting ourselves into it. But it was hard not to laugh along with some of the stories and speeches. It's clear that the couple values levity and just enjoys life, and it's something that comes through even on the other side of the camera. Shooting rehearsals is one of my favorite things, and though we just share a glimpse in this flashback, it's been to go back through the hour or so of speeches and know that the couple will be able to recapture that moment in time whenever they watch them again.

Flash forward to Saturday afternoon as we rejoin the couple in the midst of their preparations hours before the ceremony. I joined Lindsey at a beautiful French Quarter bridal apartment in Exchange Alley while our second shooter Corey met up with Levi at Hotel Monteleone. It was as the bridal apartment that I had the pleasure to meet Courtney Dellafiora and work side by side with her the rest of the day in capturing the couple's momentous day. She was a true professional and a real delight to collaborate with throughout the shoot.

Prior to the ceremony, Lindsey and Levi also shared a special first look with each other at the Audubon Golf Clubhouse. You can get a glimpse of it in the flashback and see why we always suggest a first look to clients. There's something about the intimacy of a couple seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day that is hard to explain. I think it helps alleviate some of the nerves at the ceremony and allows a nice moment before the festivities really ramp up for the remainder of the day.

From there we all headed across Magazine St. to the Audubon Zoo and Audubon Tea Room for the ceremony and reception, respectively. Harry Hardin and his group of musicians provided some great string music for the ceremony before the couple exchanged their "I Do's" and second-lined to the Tea Room for the rocking reception with Rockin' Dopsie. You can see for yourself that this crowd loved the dance floor and kept the partying high-energy the entire time.

We had an amazing weekend and can't thank the couple enough for letting up capture it for them. Special shout out also goes to the always great La Louisiane Bakery for their gorgeous cakes.

We hope you enjoy this quintessential Louisiana wedding film.

Congrats again to Lindsey and Levi!

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