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Lauren | Joey - Thunder, Lighting, and a Baton Rouge Wedding with a Couple Very Much in Love.

"It's a cruel world out there and love can be a cruel journey at times, so I want them at any age and at any moment to be able to take this video and be inspired to not give up on love by seeing how much their dad and I love each other and love them." - Lauren, the bride

I'm starting this post off with a quote from the bride that she sent me in one of her first emails to me. Throughout the shooting and editing process, it's been like a guidepost for how I would approach the film of Lauren and Joey. I wanted to make sure that Joey's children - Camille and Brennan - could always see the love of the couple come through the screen; and I wanted to make sure we captured those special moments with them as well.

We joined the bride, Camille, and the rest of the wedding party at the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center in the middle of prep and were able to witness some really sweet moments between Lauren and Camille. I particularly enjoyed the moment where Lauren shared her wedding dress with Camille and had her take a few photos wearing it.

Once all of the prep photos were done, the bride made the short walk under cover of umbrella to the Shaw Center for the Arts for the ceremony and reception. Bret Jackson provided accompaniment for the ceremony and was even joined by Brennan for a song as Lauren made her way down the aisle.

I used my favorite part of the ceremony at the start of the film. Hopefully you get a sense of the playful nature the couple shares with each other. I think that it's a beautiful thing in a relationship. Though the rain was roaring down at this point, it couldn't shake them from enjoying themselves and really reveling in the moment.

The reception continued with Press 1 For English providing the tunes and keeping the dance floor active throughout.

I think the end result of this one is something unique for what I've filmed before, and incredibly important. Hopefully this film will serve as a true sense memory for Lauren, Joey, Camille, and Brenann. A way for them to step back in time to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in March of 2016 and immediately feel the love and excitement that emanated from all of them on that special day where a new family was born.

Special thanks to KBCook Weddings for her coordination efforts in helping put this day together and keep logistics clear when the weather would just not cooperate. Also a big shout out to Alex Harvie for creating a beautiful live painting of the event. I'd also be remiss if I failed to mention the most unique wedding cake we've ever seen. One of the couple's favorite artists Denise Greenwood designed it while Sweet Impressions Bakery and Cafe executed the vision beautifully.

Congrats again to the couple!

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