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Kristen | Graham

We're really psyched to share just a few moments from Kristen and Graham's lafayette wedding with you. As you can see in the film, they really allowed us to capture some special memories of their big day that turned into gorgeous footage for us.

One personal highlight has to be the look on Kristen's father's face as he sees her in her dress for the first time. Such a sweet and beautiful moment. Similarly, I loved going through our footage and seeing the little looks that Kirsten and Graham shared with one another while they were up on the altar. It's hard for the congregation to see these glances as the couple's back is to them for the majority of mass; but fortunately St. John's allows us the opportunity to position ourselves in such way to spot them. I've put a few in here for y'all to enjoy as well.

The energy and love between Graham, Kristen, their family, and their friends was really great to witness. We could not have enjoyed ourselves more and thank the couple for inviting us to produce the film of their most special day.

Congrats Kristen and Graham!

Second Shooter - Corey Addison

Photography - Kim Boyd

Florist - Alison Comeaux

Prep - The Carriage House

Ceremony - St. John's Cathedral

Reception - City Club

Music licensed at

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